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DFW Investor Lending, LLC is here to provide hard money loans in Plano, TX. We offer to fix and flip loans for people in Plano to utilize for their significant investments. Our services help people receive the money they need to manage the essential projects for all their investment and work needs.

We understand that not everyone in the Plano area can afford to find traditional loans. It is often tough to find standard fix and flip loans, which is often so high. There’s also a need to get the money out for a loan as soon as possible to fix whatever projects you’re trying to run.

The great news is that our team at DFW Investor Lending, LLC will be here to support you as a private money lender in Plano, TX. We are available to provide various lending solutions that fit all your investment demands.

We offer support for newcomers to the home investment field. We are also available for people with a little more experience in the industry. We recognize that all people have unique needs they wish to manage, and we will be there to support whatever demands you might hold for work. Our team loves helping people make more out of their investments.

  • "I wish I found DFW Investor Lending years ago when I started investing in real estate. They have helped me on over 20 deals and each one has been a success. "

    Justin Moore

    Justin Moore

    Real Estate Investor - Plano, TX

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Private Money Loans

Our services at DFW Investor Lending, LLC is here to support whatever business demands you might hold. DFW Lending is an asset-backed lender. We provide direct hard money fix and flip loans in Plano that you can utilize in days.

We are not a mortgage broker but a lender that provides funds through our private capital sources. You will work with owners and investors for all the hard money fix and flip loans you demand.

There’s no need to worry about bankers, loan officers, or any other middlemen in the process. We at DFW Lending will ensure you have the money directly from us without having to wait any longer. You can trust our work when you need a quality private money loan.

How Does DFW Investor Lending Work?

We work at DFW Investor Lending, LLC, which serves the unique needs you hold for your fix and flip loans. We are high-quality, Plano hard money loan lenders that specialize in real estate investments.

We work as not only lenders but also as real estate appraisers. We have appraised and analyzed thousands of projects over the years. So, we understand the ins and outs of all the top markets out there.

The Plano real estate market is distinct for how more people are moving into the area than ever before. We can work with trends and other developments to figure out what fits your investment needs.

Learn more about how we work and what solutions we provide to Plano’s real estate investors. Or, if you’re ready, you can also complete the online application form if you’re looking for a service that fits your needs.

Our Plano Hard Money Loan Programs and Rates

Are you saying to yourself, “I’m looking for hard money loans near me, but it’s impossible to find a good deal? What can I do here?” If so, you should consider us at DFW Investor Lending for support. We provide sensible interest rates while looking at each person’s unique needs surrounding the properties they wish to support.

We provide a profitability calculator to help you see what you can expect out of your loan. We will review your loan term based on the hard money loan rates and your project’s value. We’ll then calculate your monthly payment alongside the possible profits you could see from your investment deal.

Our team understands you might not recognize all the rules and needs surrounding what you can do for your investments. We will check on what fits and how you can get more from a possible acquisition.

We offer some of the best hard money loan rates in the DFW area. Here are two options we have for your investing needs:

The Mentor Loan Program

The Mentor Loan Program is for people who are new to real estate investing and have never utilized a loan before. You can use our Mentor Loan Program if you borrow funds for the first time or have not completed two projects with us.

The terms of our Mentor program are simple:

  • 13.99% interest rate
  • 3% origination fee
  • $595 processing fee
  • Twelve-month loan term
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 73% maximum LTV (loan-to-value) on flips, or 75% LTV on rentals


Our loan programs help people make more out of their initial projects. We provide a flexible approach to repayment, as you can pay off your loan early without spending extra.

The Professional Loan Program

You will qualify for the Professional Loan Program after completing at least two projects with us.

The Professional program provides these benefits:

  • 11.99% interest rate
  • 2-3% origination fee
  • $595 processing fee
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Maximum of 73% LTV on flips and 75% on rentals

The Professional program provides more favorable rates, as it is for people who have more experience and understand how these loans work. You’ll have a tremendous potential of making a significant profit on your project when you work with the professional standard.

Let’s Get Started

You can trust our work at DFW Investor Lending, LLC if you need extra help managing your fix and flip loans in the Plano area. You can contact us today at 214-382-2676 or info@dfwill.com if you wish to apply online. We are open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. 

We are looking forward to serving you with one of our hard money loans in Plano, TX, and the DFW area. We respect the individual desires you hold. We want to be there to ensure you have the support you need for whatever transactions you wish to complete.

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